Plants - The Goodies

There are many plants that can be grown to encourage our native wildlife.

If you would like to encourage wildlife into your garden, then you need to provide the foods that they would naturally eat in the wild.

Planting indigenous trees and other plants is a great way to feed our wildlife without actually making them reliant on you or giving them the wrong types of food which could make them ill.

Ringtail Possums love the new growth of Stringybark trees.

Brushtail Possums prefer garden foliage such as Plumbago, Grevillea, Prunus, Pineapple Sage & Bottlebrush.

Most Gliders need flowering gums and native flowers for the nectar and seeds.
Greater Gliders only eat leaves from the upper canopy of Grey Gum, Mountain Ash and Candlebark Gum trees.

Kangaroos especially at our place love eating Kangaroo Paw. They love eating grass that has nice new young shoots, they prefer shorter tastier ones rather than long grass.

This list is an ongoing project - it will be updated over time.


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