How Can You Help?

Sponsor - An Animal in our care

The Back to Nature Wildlife Shelter does not draw funds from any organisation or government agency. It relies on the generosity of the public to obtain much needed funds for ongoing care of injured wildlife that arrive every day. Sponsoring one of the animals is a practical way to help it back into the wild. You might like to discuss a sponsorship role for you and your family as an alternative gift giving idea. Just a few dollars a week is all it takes. It is estimated to cost many hundreds of dollars to care for just one injured animal. Your contribution of funds for an animal currently in care will allow us to continue our valuable role tending to the needs of injured Australian Wildlife.

Donate - To the care and rehabilitation of animals in our shelter

Your offer to assist us with wildlife care through a generous gift is a great way to show you care. It also helps us with running costs that at times seem insurmountable. Fuel bills alone add thousands of dollars to our annual costs as we strive to answer every call for assistance no matter where they are. With hundreds of rescues per year it is estimated that the cost for each animal in care can be between $200.00 to $400.00 per month. 

Provide - Supplies and services to assist us with ongoing care

We often require clean blankets, towels, wool, unused medical supplies and other items. We also value the gift of specialised food such as kangaroo pellets and milk supplements. Please email or phone us to discuss this.

Fundraise For Us - Schools, groups, organisations are invited to raise much needed funds

Fundraising is an ideal way to help us achieve our goals. We have a number of projects on our wish list for which capital will need to be raised and your school or organisation could work with us to see it a reality. Please email or phone us to discuss this.

Volunteer - Would you like to do something really worthwhile to help our injured wildlife?

Earlier this year a bus load of city office employees pulled up to offer a days work around the Shelter. This was a business inspired incentive and carried out during office hours. They had liaised with the shelter and brought all the appropriate tools and equipment. Through their efforts areas were made ready for new garden beds which will have native trees and bushes specifically chosen as food sources for the various animals that come into care.

Helping us help the wildife

Ducklings bring donation offer.

When tragedy struck a brood of ducklings recently the surviving chicks were rescued by a passing motorist. When the kindly driver and chicks finally arrived at the shelter, the chicks were immediately re-housed onto clean bedding. When the brood was finally settled the generous driver offered to donate a supply of much needed linen and bedding. This unheralded donation is exactly what the shelter needed; a practical and timely donation.

In-kind Donations

We are looking for people to help out with the following.

Sewing kangaroo pouches

Erecting wire fences

Building a retainer wall

Making possum boxes