There is no personality like that of the Swamp Wallaby. If they do not get undivided attention they can retaliate in ways one would never believe.


Gliders are nocturnal mammals and live in family groups. Their ability to recover in care is greatly enhanced when placed with other gliders.

It is a rare moment to have a raptor in care. The Brown Goshawk is a bird of prey and needs special consideration in its rehabilitation.

in Care

The iconic Eastern Grey Kangaroo is often in care and can stay insitu for up to two years.


Welcome to the world of the Back To Nature Wildlife Shelter. Set in the heart of country Victoria, Australia, the focus of our work is the care and rehabilitation of Australian native fauna in a setting that closely resembles the habitat where they will eventually be released.


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Wildlife Annex

Specialised care annex for Australian native animals has begun...

Boobook flies coop

A Boobook Owl says bye bye to Back To Nature...

Eagle Rescue

Adult male Wedge-tailed Eagle with broken leg rescued from property in Nar Nar Goon North...

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