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Specialised care annex for Australian Native Animals

Work has begun on the purpose built annex that will house and provide specialised care for incoming wildlife to our shelter. Designated areas will be made available for a variety of native species ie. an area set up with pouches for joeys, a wet area for amphibians and reptiles and an enclosure for young birds or animals that need a heat source. The annex will also have much needed storage areas for medical supplies, a feeding station and laundry facilities.


Boobook flies the coop

A Boobook Owl that had come to us on the 1st February with head trauma made a speedy recovery and was ready and eager to be released. So on Tuesday 5th February we said bye bye to our Boobook Owl. It was a pleasure to care for such a beautiful bird.

Eagle Rescue

An adult male Wedge-tailed Eagle with a broken leg needed rescuing from a property in Nar Nar Goon. This rare event allowed the shelter to experience one of Australia's largest raptors 'up close and personal'. The experience was short-lived however as the bird was transfered to Healesville Sanctuary for follow-up treatment. Click here for some photographs.

Allie's splint removed

Allie the Swamp Wallaby had her splint removed today. She was so excited to finally have access to her itchy foot and had a good scratch. See more about Allie on our Wildlife in Care page.

Allie on the mend

Allie the Swamp Wallaby has been back to Vet Dr Rupert to have her broken toe re-dressed. Staff at the Healesville Animal Hospital sealed the dressing with a little love heart.

Allie has weekly appointments at the Healesville Animal Hospital to change her dressing. Her foot is splinted to keep it immobilised.



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