Highlight of some of the Wildlife in care - Can you help?

'ROO' the eastern grey kangaroo
November 18, 2012

ROO is into all things rehab since arriving at the shelter-all except bath time. Doesn't see the point and not going to happen once he is released. Still five feeds a day and all the TLC he can handle is a small price to pay.

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'Junior' the ringtail possum
November 25, 2012

Junior is so cute. He arrived to join a friend already in care. If you happen to volunteer you might just see how cute he is.

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'bart' the tawny frogmouth
November 21, 2012

Bart is in love with Berny. Well maybe the food that Berny offers and he has a mouth big enough to accept it all. He is also the resident locksmith as he continually escapes confinement to be near his food supply. SUCCESSFULLY RELEASED BACK INTO THE WILD AT THE END OF JANUARY 2013.

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