I can but admire the sheer dedication required to work with injured wildlife and know the joy of seeing these rehabilitated animals returned back to the wild.

Photographer Peter Eerden comments.

As a photographer with varied subject interests, in particular wildlife, I am in the enviable position of creating photographs that capture the imagination both here in Australia, South Africa and the global community. I am also accutely aware that some of my most memorable Australian native wildlife shots were as the result of the Back To Nature Wildlife Shelter and the dedicated work of owners Berny and Phill. They have willingly opened their doors to allow me unfettered access over a number of years and a visit to Nar Nar Goon North is a highlight for my partner and I - each and every time.

Their resolve to see our unique wildlife flourish and, when necessary, given a second chance through skillful care goes beyond anything I have experienced. It is an all-consuming task that never seems to end but they handle the pain and joy that comes of such a calling with great empathy and humility.

I of course reap the rewards of close interaction with animals I might never get the chance to photograph and  'hang-out' for the call that heralds a rare raptor or other wildlife on my 'bucket list'. Many of the photographs you see on this website come as a direct result of my interaction with the Back To Nature Wildlife Shelter and I have also lent my skills to develop this site. A practical donation of skills to help their cause.

Do you also have the capacity to help through a donation, sponsorship, volunteer or organising a fundraiser and help them meet their rescue goals? Just put up your hand as I did. Berny and Phill are good people working toward a better outcome for injured Australian native wildlife - one rescue at a time.

Berny and Phill are admired by their peers and colleagues in the wildlife rescue movement and Berny is often seen out-and-about at community meetings and schools to highlight the valuable contribution wildlife welfare adds to the community she and her partner belong to.


How can you help?

  • Sponsor
    An animal in our care.
  • DonateTo the care and rehabilitation of animals in our shelter.
  • ProvideSupplies and services to assist us with ongoing care.
  • Fundraise For UsSchools, groups, organisations are invited to raise much needed funds.
  • VolunteerWould you like to do something really worthwhile to help our injured wildlife?